The Asian-workshop on Symmetric Key Cryptography (ASK) starts in Singapore in 2011, to promote research on symmetric key cryptography in Asian area. This is an annual workshop, usually held in second half of the year. The program usually contains some invited talks, and working groups for collaborative research works. ASK 2019 will be the 9th workshop, to be held in Kobe, Japan, during 13 - 15 Dec 2019, chaired by Takanori Isobe and Yu Sasaki.


2016-09-29: Announcement of ASK 2017 by Meicheng Liu.
2015-03-10: Advertisement of ASK 2015 and DIAC 2015 at FSE 2015 by Thomas Peyrin.
2014-10-08: Advertisement of ASK 2014 at ECC 2014 by Nalla and Somitra.
2014-08: ASK 2014 is sponsored by IACR under the IACR Cryptology Schools program.

Workshop History:

   Dates  Country   Host   General Chair(s)  No. of Attendees
 ASK 201913 - 15 Dec 2019 Japan  University of HyogoTakanori Isobe and Yu Sasaki 
ASK 2018 13 - 16 Nov 2018 India  Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata Subhamoy Maitra and Mridul Nandi         
ASK 2017 09 - 11 Dec 2017 China  National University of Defense Technology Meicheng Liu and Bing Sun 19/83
ASK 2016 28 - 30 Sept 2016 Japan Nagoya University Tetsu Iwata and Yu Sasaki 38/50
ASK 2015  30 Sep - 03 Oct 2015 Singapore  Nanyang Technological University  Jérémy Jean and Lei Wang 62/70
ASK 2014  19 - 22 Dec 2014  India Society for Electronic Transaction and Security Nalla Anandakumar and Somitra Sanadhya   18/75
ASK 2013  27 - 29 Aug 2013  China  Shandong University  Meiqin Wang and Hongbo Yu  15/52
ASK 2012  27 - 29 Aug 2012  Japan  Nagoya University  Tetsu Iwata and Lei Wang  12/28
ASK 2011  29 - 31 Aug 2011 Singapore  Nanyang Technological University  Jian Guo and Thomas Peyrin  31/44

All workshop websites are archived here.

Related Publications:

ASK 2017:
  • Yunwen Liu, Yu Sasaki, Ling Song, Gaoli Wang: Cryptanalysis of Reduced sLiSCP Permutation in Sponge-Hash and Duplex-AE Modes, SAC 2018.
  • Patrick Derbez, Tetsu Iwata, Ling Sun, Siwei Sun, Yosuke Todo, Haoyang Wang, Meiqin Wang: Cryptanalysis of AES-PRF and Its Dual, FSE 2019.
ASK 2016:
  • Ashwin Jha, Eik List, Kazuhiko Minematsu, Sweta Mishra, Mridul Nandi,  XHX - A Framework for Optimally Secure Tweakable Block Ciphers from Classical Block Ciphers and Universal Hashing, LatinCrypt 2017.
  • Carlos Cid, Tao Huang, Thomas Peyrin, Yu Sasaki, Ling Song, Cryptanalysis of Deoxys and its Internal Tweakable Block Ciphers, FSE 2018.
  • Ralph Ankele, Subhadeep Banik, Avik Chakraborti, Eik List, Florian Mendel, Siang Meng Sim, Gaoli Wang, Related Key Impossible Differential Attack on Reduced Round SKINNY, ACNS 2017.
ASK 2015:
  • Jooyoung Lee, Atul Luykx, Bart Mennink, Kazuhiko Minematsu, Connecting tweakable and multi-key blockcipher security, Designs, Codes, and Cryptography 2017.
  • Christina Boura, Avik Chakraborti, Gaëtan Leurent, Goutam Paul, Dhiman Saha, Hadi Soleimany, Valentin Suder, Key Recovery Attack against 2.5-round Π-Cipher, FSE 2016.
  • Nasour Bagheri, Tao Huang, Keting Jia, Florian Mendel, Yu Sasaki, Cryptanalysis of Reduced NORX, FSE 2016.
  • Kota Kondo, Yu Sasaki, Tetsu Iwata: On the Design Rationale of Simon Block Cipher: Integral Attacks and Impossible Differential Attacks against Simon Variants, ACNS 2016: 518-536.
  • Nasour Bagheri, Florian Mendel and Yu Sasaki: Improved Rebound Attacks on AESQ: Core Permutation of CAESAR Candidate PAEQACISP 2016: 301-316.
ASK 2013:
  • Yu Sasaki, Gaoli Wang and Lei Wang, Improved Single-Key Distinguisher on HMAC-MD5 and Key Recovery Attacks on Sandwich-MAC-MD5 and MD5-MACIEICE 2015.
  • Jian Guo, Yu Sasaki, Lei Wang, Meiqin Wang and Long Wen: Equilavent Key Recovery Attacks against HMAC and NMAC with Whirlpool Reduced to 7 Rounds, FSE 2014.
ASK 2012:
  • Takanori Isobe, Yu Sasaki and Jiageng Chen: Related-Key Boomerang Attacks on KATAN32/48/64, ACISP 2013
  • Jian Guo, Yu Sasaki, Lei Wang and Shuang Wu: Cryptanalysis of HMAC/NMAC-Whirlppol, ASIACRYPT 2013
  • Yuichi Niwa, Keisuke Ohashi, Kazuhiko Minematsu and Tetsu Iwata: GCM Security Bounds Reconsidered, FSE 2015
ASK 2011:
  • Yu Sasaki, Sareh Emami, Deukjo Hong and Ashish Kumar: Improved Known-Key Distinguishers on Feistel-SP Ciphers and Application to Camellia, ACISP 2012
  • Jiqiang Lu: A Methodology for Differential-Linear Cryptanalysis and Its Applications, FSE 2012
  • Shuang Wu, Dengguo Feng, Wenling Wu, Jian Guo, Le Dong and Jian Zou: (Pseudo) Preimage Attack on Reduced-Round Grøstl Hash Function and Others, FSE 2012
  • Liting Zhang, Wenling Wu, Han Sui and Peng Wang: 3kf9: Enhancing 3GPP-MAC beyond the Birthday Bound, ASIACRYPT 2012
  • Testu Iwata and Lei Wang: Impact of ANSI X9.24-1:2009 Key Check Value on ISO/IEC 9797-1:2011 MACs, FSE 2014
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