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The Asian-workshop on Symmetric Key Cryptography (ASK) starts in Singapore in 2011, to promote research on symmetric key cryptography in Asian area. This is an annual workshop, usually held in second half of the year. The program usually contains some invited talks, and working groups for collaborative research works. ASK 2019 will be the 9th workshop, to be held in Kobe, Japan, during 13 - 15 Dec 2019, chaired by Takanori Isobe and Yu Sasaki.


2016-09-29: Announcement of ASK 2017 by Meicheng Liu.

2015-03-10: Advertisement of ASK 2015 and DIAC 2015 at FSE 2015 by Thomas Peyrin.

2015-01-14: Advertisement of ASK 2015 and DIAC 2015 at ESC 2015 by Thomas Peyrin.

2014-10-08: Advertisement of ASK 2014 at ECC 2014 by Nalla and Somitra.

2014-08: ASK 2014 is sponsored by IACR under the IACR Cryptology Schools program.

2013-12-03: Call for host of ASK 2014  at ASIACRYPT 2013 rump session by Lei Wang.

Workshop History:

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